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Rajshekhar Rajaharia
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Rajshekhar Rajaharia
Rajshekhar Rajaharia

My name is Rajshekhar Rajaharia. I belongs to a very small district Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. I was very fond of games like The Grand Theft Auto Vice City. After getting bored from these games, At the age of 16, I started my career in early 2006 by registering a Website I was zero in programming and all. That time I only heard that we can start earning from websites and people in countries like USA are making a lot of money. So i decided to learn how to make website via google. Internet was very costly that time and i was in school. was my first website and later in december 2007 i started a new website called Screenshots

Yolike was related to Music, Movies, Reviews, Previews, Movies Stills etc. Soon in 2008 Yolike was become a very populay website in India and abroad. Within few months i was getting lots of traffic. Daily traffic was around 10K-50K Unique Visiters per day. Later someone suggested me to use Google Adsense. I implimented google ads and started earning a very good amount in school days. I was getting expert in Programming, Designing, Photoshop, Server Admin, Hosting, Testing and others as there was noone to teach. You have to learn yourself and have to work as one man army if you are a student and doing something different.

Yolike Analytics Data (2008–2011)

I was was earning thousands of dollers every month from and some of my other websites in student life. Later i started few more sites, a web hosting service called “YoServers”, Free SMS website “Yosms”, Bulk SMS service “Yo2SMS”. All were very popular in that years.

And than in 2011 bad time starts. Sudden Government banned lots of website becasue of piracy including And was one of them but Yolike was not promoting downloads and piracy. I was a student with no support. in 2011 Yolike was shut down. This was first cheptor of my life.

Work with Government, Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

I was a student and was belongs a small city so no one was understanding my work. Luckily in 2009–10 one day i meet to our Superintendent of Police in my district Jhunjhunu. He supported me a lot and i started work with police as a IT, Cyber Security Expert and Trainer for next few years.

It was very interesting and motivational as weel as life changing part for me. Later meet some more great leaders and sovled lots of high profile murder, docaty type hardcore cases all around all india.

In 2015 on Independence Day invited by the Governer and Awarded by the highest honors in IT and Cyber Forensics field by Government. Later started delivering lecture on my case studies as a Guest Faculty in Police Academy and Central Detective Tranning School.

Work as an Independent IT Security Researcher

I am a very curious person about technology. I have done lots work in this field but will tell you just few of them.

Facebook: In 2013 while working on few facebook products and APIs i found that there are lot of loopholes and vulnerabilities available in Facebook. Firstly i reported few bugs to facebook and they accepted my bugs. There were more than 2–3 bugs together i have told them. Facebook fixed them but count as just one bug and paid few thousands dollers for single bug. I asked them that i had send them more than one bug and just got single bug bounty they they reply that i had to fill new form for each bug. I did same and for next 2 years and reported them more than 26 Bugs. Facebook published my name to their Facebook White Hat Thanks Page ( for each year as a Facebook Bug Bounty Hunter and paid thousands dollers for year 2013 to 2014.

Facebook WhiteHat Thanks Page

Google: Found out a major loophole in Google API which was google hiding from public and from which billions of Google users data was getting leaked. Using some Social Engineering Tricks Any Person was able to reach entire data easily because this data was publicly accessible without any limit or any credentials. Lated in March 2019 Google shut down this api. Ref:



Mobile Network: In 2013 while working on some cases i found that there are major security issue in India’s Largest Mobile Network. I won’t include name of company due to some reason. Every mobile subscriber’s Call Records was publicly accessible in real time through their network and anyone could access them from anywhere in the world. I reported them to company finally they accpeted their mistake and fix whole issue. It was very dengerous iuuse for company, subscriber, our country, everyone.

A few conversation

Solved many IT, Cyber Crime, Hardcore Crime Cases during year 2008 to now.

Started Career as a Young Entrepreneur

In 2014 end started a company Truelancer is a freelance marketplace. After working few years and successful growth later handover to my co-founder. Again tried luck in my expertise which i was having from day one. In 2018 started a marketing agency. Currently each and very work is on automation in my company. Currently i am working on lots of automation technologies. One of my tech manage all paid marketing and advertising automatically and generating revenue automatically.